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Located on Highway 84, near the villlage of Chili, just north of the turnoff for highway 285

From Santa Fe: Green line
Take Hwy 84/285 north to Espanola. (In Santa Fe, this is St. Francis Drive) Approaching Espanola, look for signs indicating turns to 84/285. You have 3 options. Any of the 3 bridges in Espanola will take you to 84/285 north. (See map below) Option 1. Turn left at Stanley Griego Bridge Rd. ( This is the first signal in town and has the digital welcome sign) Landmark on the left will be the Hacienda Home Center and the Dandy Burger Restaurant. Turn right on Hwy 30 and follow to next signal. Bear Left and follow Paseo de Onate north. This option is not the marked direction through town.
Option 2. 
Follow sighs to 84/285. Turn left at Paseo de Onate. Look for Chimayo Trading Post on left. This turn is operated by a signal light, but you may turn on a green light and/or wait for the green arrow. Follow Paseo de Onate across the Rio Grande and at next signal keep right. You are now on 84/285 north. 
Option 3. 
Follow Riverside Drive north through Espanola to the Fairview intersection. The landmark here is the Walgreens on the right. Stay in left lane through town until this intersection. At Fairview Lane, turn left. Follow Fairview Lane across Rio Grande and up to next signal light. At the signal, turn right. 
You are now on 84/285 north. 

From this point on, all directions above will bring you to the Fairview intersection. Continue north from this point on Hwy 84/285. Go approximately 7 miles. Look for junction separation sign. Hwy 285 will bear right after the Rio Chama Chevron Station. DO NOT TURN ON 285. At the intersection of the two highways, you will see a divided cement section on your left. Immediately after, you will see some double-double yellow divided lines with four (4) diagonal stripes in them. Pull into this area on your left and use as a left turn lane. This section with the stripes is approx. 2-3 seconds after the intersection. This is marked on the map below as being approx 3oo ft. Turn left off the highway and immediately left again on the frontage road. Proceed 50 feet to driveway. Right turn into driveway. 19727 on Railroad Tie.  You will also see a sign that says "The Loft" next to the driveway. That is my Airbnb sign. 

We are approx 36 miles from Santa Fe and 40 miles from Taos. Cell Phones often do not work just north of my location. 

From Taos: yellow line
Take Hwy 68 south towards Espanola. At the first turn to SR 74, turn right. There will be a sign indicating Okay Owingeh pueblo and an old, faded white water tank on your right. Turn right here. 
If you pass this, you may take the second exit, but you must go through the pueblo. After 3/4 of a mile or so, you will come to a stop sign. Bear right and continue through a school zone. Go over the Rio Grande and continue through the unmarked village of Chamita. At the intersection of  SR 74 and SR 56A turn left and continue on SR 74 to the termination. At Hwy 84/285, turn right, and continue for approx 2 miles. Follow directions above from Rio Chama Chevron Station. 

From Colorado/Alamosa/Ojo Caliente: clear line
Take Hwy 285 south. At the 84/285 junction, stay right. Do not go straight towards stop sign. Turn right on to 84 north, but immediately look left for double-double yellow lines and left turn area descibed above. 

From Chama/ Abiquiu: yellow line
Take Hwy 84 south to sign indicating turn to Alamosa, CO and Ojo Caliente. This is a bit tricky from this direction. Before the turnoff to Hwy 285, look for hwy markers indicating the junction. There is a long guardrail on your right. Just after the guardrail ends, look for opening on right for the frontage road. There is an equestrian sign on the highway( a mounted silhouette of horse and rider) and after the guardrail, turn right and bear left. Go 50 ft.  and turn right into driveway.

For a google map of the this area, click HERE   Map below is not to scale. Map contains a large amount of data and takes awhile to load. Please be patient.  
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